About Us

Human Lovers Charitable Trust was formed on the 21st day of October 2018 at a noble town in Central Kerala called Kechery. A formal meeting was called for in response to the initiative taken by Mr. V A Mohamad, a UAE based entrepreneur respected in the region for his contributions in uplifting the standard of living of the people from the locality by providing employment and other support to the needy in the bygone years. A group of likeminded people with dedicated minds and progressive outlook joined hands on the day to formulate a unified approach to contribute for the development of the society. The meeting gave birth to Human Lovers Charitable Trust with an initial focus laid on 3 domains of activities for the society and 1 for its members:

• Healthcare
• Education
• Financial Aid
• Emergency Aid to Members

India is a country of great diversity, with a population of more than one billion people! In spite of India's rapidly growing economy and high-tech work force, many of its rural people still struggle with poverty. Even though the aim of Human Lovers Charitable Trust is to identify deserving people across the State to provide medical, educational, and financial support, currently it focus on the central part of Kerala. We will be incorporating more people in the upcoming years in order to expand the membership spectrum which will enable us to serve the people from all parts of the State.


Mr. V A Mohamad               Chairman

Mr. Sakkeer Pambra           Vice Chairman

Mr. Abubacker P                  Vice Chairman

Mr. V A Ebrahim                  Gen. Secretary

Mr. Saji Chermal                  Joint Secretary

Mr. V A Mohamad Mon      Joint Secretary

Mr. Abdul Nasar P M          Treasurer

Mr. Jabbar Kattoor              Coordinator

Mr. Nelson P K                     Trustee

Mr. Mohammed Ali E K      Trustee

Mr. V A Ummer                     Trustee

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